Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea

by Leaves & Flowers

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The Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea by Leaves & Flowers has sweet, smooth, and fragrant flavor notes. A rich, green Fujian tea is picked in early spring and stored until the jasmine blossoms bloom in late summer.  The fresh jasmine blossoms are then scattered over the top of the tea leaves in a way that the tea absorbs the aromatics of the flowers.  The flowers are then removed, and fresh flowers are added up to 7 times, resulting in a beautifully fragrant loose leaf jasmine tea. 

Handmade in California from the women of Leaves & Flowers, these loose leaf teas are produced in the traditional methods of their region of origin. Beautiful in flavor and appearance. All ingredients are cultivated without the use of chemicals. 

  • Packaged in a sustainable rice paper pouch - about 2 oz of tea is included in each pouch for about 15-20 servings.